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Allan Reeves, CSCS, ATC.

Serving clients in Marin since 1992

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Train with an Expert !

Your physical fitness needs demand that you work with a Personal Fitness Trainer that is:

  • Educated

  • Experienced

  • Certified

My name is Allan Reeves, and I have been practicing and studying the concepts and principles associated with fitness for 20 years.  I truly enjoy staying physically fit, so much so that most of my free time revolves around athletic activities.  How does this benefit you?  I want you to have the confidence and excitement of hiring someone who is an expert, thoroughly trained and educated in all the components of exercise physiology, biomechanics, posture, athletic injuries and nutrition, as well as someone who practices what he preaches.  I recognize that there are many subtleties to proper conditioning, either with strength training or cardiovascular endurance, and that there are many principles of movement that are critical to maximizing results and avoiding injury.  This is important because  you have your individual needs.


Take advantage of my experience and background to help you get started on the right track.  I specialize in:

  • Sport Specific fitness

  • General Adult Fitness

  • Postural Analysis

My Background:  The following is a brief description of my credentials, experience and education in exercise physiology and sports medicine.

Certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association ( NATA ) as an Athletic Trainer ( ATC ) and National Strength and Conditioning Association ( NSCA ) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist ( CSCS ).

Education / Experience

  • Over 15 years experience as a Personal Fitness Trainer ( since 1992 ).

  • Over 7 years experience of Athletic Training work with the sports of football, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball and others.

  • Head Athletic Trainer for 3 years at Redwood High School in Marin County ( 2002 to 2005 ), and the Marin Reds Rugby Team.

  • Courses in the Treatment and Evaluation on Athletic Injuries, First Aid Emergency Care, Conditioning and Training, Exercise Physiology, and Biomechanics ( Sonoma State ).

  • Graduate work in Kinesiology ( Sonoma State ): biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology.

  • Pre-med science course curriculum ( College of Marin ): chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy, physiology.

Prior to  returning to College to study science and athletics, I earned a bachelors degree from St. Mary's College in Communications and French.

My Personal Athletic Interests:

I have been actively engaged and passionate about my fitness since the age of 16.  Since that age I have been lifting weights and running (now I cycle) as part of my regular conditioning.  I surfed for over 20 years.  Today my sport and passion is cycling, both road bike and mountain bike.  I have been hooked on cycling for 13 years or more, and I regularly participate in century bike rides.  I also organize cycling trips to France -  www.francefrominside.com - and recently completed a 12 day, 1000 mile, 94,000 feet ride through the French Pyrenees, in 2006 and 2007.

Lostende Tours Cycling and Wine Trips in the Dordogne Valley and Pyrenees, France.Lostende Tours Cycling and Wine Trips in the Dordogne Valley and Pyrenees, France.

Attempted the Santa Rosa Cycling Club Terrible Two double century ( 200 miles, 16000 ft ) in 2006 and dropped out at the half way point, 113 mi, 8930 ft, 7:28 hrs.  Too darn hot, 110 degrees.  Completed the ride in 2007, in 14.25 hours.  Official results listing at Santa Rosa Cycling Club website: www.srcc.com


2007 Successful completion Terrible TwoTerrible Two Logo

2006 failed attempt Terrible Two


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