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What is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)?

Today every major sporting organization, be it professional or college, employs a team of professionals to prepare their athletic team(s) for competition.  The head coach oversees the overall strategic development of his/her team, and in so doing hires a team of assistants to implement his/her vision (for example the Assistant Coaches, and the Athletic Trainer).  Another key staff member is the Strength and Conditioning coach, who is responsible for developing and implementing a strength and conditioning program for each and every athlete on the team.

35 years ago all of the physical conditioning was devised and implemented by the coaches of the team.  The problem was that the vast majority of coaches did not have a formal education about exercise physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and other such subjects that qualified them as experts in the conditioning of athletes.  For instance, many coaches believed that you toughened and conditioned your athletes by restricting their water intake during practice.  However, dehydration impedes performance, stamina, mental acuity, and can ultimately lead to a medical emergency if severe enough.  If you want to endanger the lives of your athletes and impede their physical performance, then restrict their water intake.

A Strength and Conditioning Specialist is the expert who develops the fitness program for the athletes.  He or she is the one who analyzes the physical stresses and needs of a sport or position, who analyzes the physical strengths and weaknesses of an athlete, and then marries the information to


develop a training program to improves the athletes physical capacities.  The Strength and Conditioning Specialist is knowledgeable in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition, and is an expert in relating the interplay of  these subjects.  The football coach is the expert on football strategy, team work and motivation, and the Strength and Conditioning Coach is the expert who knows how to make the football players bigger, stronger, and faster.

For more information about Certified Strengths and Conditioning Specialists please visit the National Strength and Conditioning ( NSCA ) website.

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