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Allan Reeves, CSCS, ATC.

Serving clients in Marin since 1992

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Over the many years of working with people to help them achieve their fitness goals, along with the time I have spent on my fitness conditioning, I have come to identify what I believe are indispensable components of a successful training program.  They are:

  • Personal commitment

  • Consistency

  • Technique

Training components

Importance of Posture

Common Mistakes

Correct Cycling Posture ( pdf )


If either of these components are neglected then the training program is hampered, and eventually unsuccessful.  The results are at best mediocre.  Essentially, they all depend on you, the trainee, to engage yourself, which means that you hold the power.  The good news is that you can empower yourself to achieve your goals and success.

►  Personal commitment means that you decide to participate to your fullest, and that means making your health and training a priority.  We all make excuses, but in the end those excuses don't empower us.  If you have a hard time committing yourself to working on your fitness then you need to reevaluate your priorities, because your fitness goals are suffering.  You must take responsibility and action to integrate the principles of fitness and health.  A trainer, like myself, can help you to understand and incorporate those principles, but I will not be there 24 hours a day to monitor you.  Therefore, you need to engage yourself because your fitness is a lifestyle choice.

►  Consistency means that you put into practice the principles of good fitness and health everyday.  You eat well and exercise on a daily basis.  The state of your fitness is a reflection of your consistent habits.  If your health and fitness habits are poor then your fitness is poor.  If you habits are good then so is your fitness.  It is that simple.

►  Technique is about training methodology.  This is the tactical aspect of conditioning, the "how to train correctly."  How do you train your musculature system and cardiovascular system?  How do you develop flexibility and good posture?  How should you eat?  This is where I come in to guide and educate you so that you generate results and train in a manner that is efficient and safe.  If your technique is bad then your efforts will be wasted, which obviously leads to frustration and poor results.  The issue is quality of training and not quantity.

Please read my article on Principles of Fitness to better understand the principles of fitness.

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