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Allan Reeves, CSCS, ATC.

Serving clients in Marin since 1992

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Posture is the bedrock of a physically fit body.  Ultimately, people who suffer from low back, neck or shoulder pain can always trace the roots of these problems to poor posture.  Posture is a reflection of the way in which the skeletal system is aligned.  For optimal ease of fluid movement, without undue friction and stress, the skeletal system needs to be aligned and supported correctly.  This is the job of the muscular and neurological systems.  If the muscular and neurological systems are weak or damaged then the skeletal system will suffer as it will no longer be supported correctly as it moves.  Ultimately a "repetitive stress" injury develops as some muscles become short and tight, while other muscles become long and weak.  This is

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recognized as an imbalance, which untreated will precipitate further weakness, imbalance, poor movement and injury.  You must work to correct and improve your posture.

There are a number of concerns that can negatively impact your posture and skeletal system.  They are:

  • Poor muscular strength.

  • Poor neurological control and coordination.

  • Weight ( being overweight ).

  • Poor attention to your posture and ignorance of what good posture is.

All of these areas can be addressed by fitness training, with a particular emphasis to identify and strengthen those areas of the body that are out of balance.  Fitness training will improve muscular strength, improve muscular balance and coordination, improve neurological function, improve your awareness of your posture, as well as help to reduce unwanted body weight.  In essence, with improved posture you will create a positive feedback loop eliminating many of the aches and pains in your body.

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