Lostende Personal Fitness

...because your health is your wealth !

Allan Reeves, CSCS, ATC.

Serving clients in Marin since 1992

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Training Fees and Details

  • Training sessions are $85 an hour at the gym, Five Points Fitness (you will need to become a member)

  • Home training sessions are $100.

People who succeed in reaching their fitness goals make exercise and the principles of fitness part of their lifestyle; they live it by implementing good habits.  These habits, and the techniques behind them, take time to learn and perfect.  Invest in that process and reap the rewards, which I guarantee is well worth it.  Remember... your health is your wealth !


How will we proceed?  Outside of a discussion about your goals and physical history, we will proceed as follows:


►  Postural Analysis:

  • I.D. postural imbalances and problems.

  • I.D. exercises to correct and improve movement.

  • Train to correct problems.


►  Develop strength and conditioning program to achieve fitness goals:

  • I.D. training goals; strength, cardiovascular, weight loss, nutrition.

  • Create training program.

  • Implement training program.

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