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Allan Reeves, CSCS, ATC.

Serving clients in Marin since 1992

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Testimonials from clients:

"Allan helped me transform my tired weight training routine into a new approach to training altogether, one that includes physical strength with functional movement. Beyond the typical physical trainer fare, his approach addresses whole muscle systems, emphasizes correct alignment, and improved overall flexibility. Working with Allan, I feel I'm on the path to greater overall physical fitness and will be physically strong beyond the gym, whether I'm hiking, surfing, or motorbike riding."

Kris G.,  Software Engineer, Entrepreneur and Race Car Driver.


"Allan is a great trainer, the BEST. His extensive knowledge of physiology, anatomy and orthopedic injuries adds considerably to his expertise. Because I am a senior citizen, he has developed a program specific to my needs and abilities, to both increase my flexibility and strength.  Itıs been very helpful and informative. I am happy to recommend him without reservation.  He is reliable, good-natured, and good company. He is also well read and informed on a variety of subjects. One can have a very interesting discussion while training, if one wishes! Not only that, the conversation can be conducted in French if one prefers."

Peggy K.,  Philanthropist.


"I'd like to take a moment to comment on my experience working with Allan Reeves as my  fitness trainer/coach.

I'm 55 years old and a year ago I was considerably overweight and out of shape.  As an athlete and a baseball coach I felt it was time to take action and  hire a trainer/coach to help me with proper training routines and technique, and also to make me more accountable and results driven.

After working with Alan over the past year I have achieved all the goals I had targeted regarding my weight, stamina, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Alan not only showed to be a excellent trainer/coach but his manner and personality is a quality that defines what a truly awesome person he is.

My wife Judi has also worked with Alan and has had the same experience."

Steve S.,  Business Owner and Baseball Coach.


"I started weight training over 25 years ago.  During this time I have been a member of several gyms, and I have consulted and been advised by many trainers and self proclaimed experts.  I often discovered by accident or injury that sometimes these trainers were not as knowledgeable as they represented themselves to be and that my knowledge had much to be desired. I have had the pleasure of discussing training principles with Allan during the course of my workouts, and  he was extremely helpful in straightening out some misconceptions.  This was done at a time when I was not a client of Allan's, but he felt compelled to correct my potentially injurious workout.  Allan eventually created and supervised a workout for me and my workout partner. I feel that Allan has an excellent knowledge of training principals, exercise physiology, diet and nutrition.   Allan's enthusiasm has also helped us to have better workouts with better results."

Alan S.,  Engineer.

"I highly recommend Allan's services to anyone fortunate enough to have that opportunity.  I am 62 years old and because of my training with Allan I was able to bike the 100 miles of the Big Sur coast from Carmel to Cambria and  more recently the French Pyrenees without any significant fatigue or aches and pains.  Allan's knowledge of  nutrition, exercise modalities and abilities to focus specific exercises to specific muscle groups is superb.  Besides all that,  he is a great person to be around.  I look forward to continued training in the future."

Bill V.,  Attorney.


"Up to the age of 50 I was strong enough and healthy enough to do anything I wanted to do, diving, skiing, endurance horseback riding, etc...  However, beyond the age of 50 I began to have a lot of trouble with my low back, weight, sleeping patterns and stamina.  My back problem became so bad that I eventually I couldn't do much exercise at all.

 When I started working out with Allan I felt like a wreck.  After about a year of working out with him I no longer have a back problem and I have returned to my normal activities.   In the past 6 months I even did the Carmel Century and Healdsburg Century bike rides.  I attribute the majority of my success to Allan's guidance and the way in which he managed my training by making it appropriately challenging for my physical state.

I think a big part of why I like working out with Allan is because I feel like he really is interested in my success.  I also think his broad knowledge base of exercise physiology, anatomy, orthopedic injuries, and nutrition, gave me confidence in his guidance.  So yes, he is totally worth it and I think he is one of the best. "

Cynthia M.,  Attorney. 


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