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Cardiovascular endurance and strength gains  -  training program.

Training and conditioning to improve endurance, that is to say to maximize one's cardiovascular genetic potential, requires a heavy emphasis on extensive and consistent cardiovascular endurance  training.  This program will require a commitment to consistent and multiple weekly cardiovascular training sessions.  The benefits to this type of training will also include a significant impulse for body fat loss as the caloric demands are high.  There are multiple forms of cardiovascular training, of which the two most popular are running and cycling.  The downside to running is the stress to the joints because of the impact forces.  Furthermore, the conditioning sessions are shorter then what is possible while cycling.  Nonetheless, the conditioning will require focused workouts at varying levels of intensity to induce increased cardiovascular strength and endurance.  In addition to the cardiovascular training there will be a minimum of bi-weekly weight training sessions at the gym, and a focus on nutritional principles and demands.  This is important to create a lean body with minimal body fat, to maintain high levels of energy for training, and proper calories for recovery and muscle synthesis.  Without proper attention and care to your nutritional needs you will undercut your efforts.

Here is a summary of what is needed to increase cardiovascular endurance and strength:

  • Cardiovascular training at a minimum of 4 times a week.

  • Strength training in the gym twice a week.

  • Implementation of proper nutritional principles and caloric intake and tracking.

For help in designing a training program, and help in implementing the program, along with instruction for proper weight lifting technique please contact me ( contact info. ).


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