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Weight loss and strength gains - training program.

Training and conditioning to improve body fat composition and reduce overall body weight requires particular attention to dietary habits, with a disciplined adjustment on your caloric intake and profile of food choices.  This program will require an analysis of current eating patterns and total caloric intake, and an adjustment to improve the nutritional profile and total daily caloric consumption to assist in steady and permanent weight loss.

In addition to the emphasis on nutrition there will also be a bi-weekly commitment to weight training and cardiovascular conditioning.  Ideally this will be structured to require 4 separate training sessions at the gym and/or outside cardiovascular training.

Here is a summary of what is needed to achieve weight loss and strength gains:

  • A review and adjustment of current eating patterns and choices, and an implementation of proper nutritional principles and caloric intake and tracking.

  • A commitment to 4 weekly session, 2 for weight training and 2 for cardiovascular conditioning.

For help in designing a training program, and help in implementing the program, along with instruction for proper weight lifting technique please contact me ( contact info. ).

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